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Step into the world of Richard Riverin once again with this luxurious hardcover art book, published in 2011. Within its pages, you’ll discover 145 different original Riverin paintings, each presented in full-page photos that capture the essence of his artistry.

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But this book offers much more than a visual feast. It takes you deeper into the artist’s life with his biography and invites you to explore his thoughts and philosophies in the section titled “Behind the Artworks.” Additionally, it provides a glimpse into the creative process with 10 pages of photos showcasing the making of one of his paintings from start to finish.

This book is not just a celebration of art; it’s an immersion into the world of a truly exceptional artist. It also features several captivating short stories, including “Purpose of Life,” “The Perpendicular World,” “The Notebook,” and “Meeting with God,” adding layers of narrative richness to the artistry.